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Asset services

Asset servicesCustody tasks made easy

Timely, accurate information and flexible processes are crucial for reducing risk and costs. By remaining on top of the situation, Clearstream’s asset services minimise business and market impact and safeguard its customers, allowing them to operate without disruption.

Asset services overview

Clearstream’s international central securities depository (ICSD) and its German central securities depository (CSD) offer a wide range of custodial services.

Corporate actions

Clearstream offers a complete package for corporate action processing, for voluntary, mandatory with options, and mandatory events.

Income processing

Clearstream enjoys on average an accuracy payment rate of over 99.5 per cent for all events. Income reversal rates continue to fall, despite the large increase in payments over the past years.

General Meetings service

Clearstream offers a General Meetings service that covers all our proxy voting markets and eligible instrument types - including Eurobonds and Investment Funds.


Clearstream’s custody reporting for both its ICSD and CSD complies with ISO 15022 standards and can be accessed by customers via a variety of channels.

Tax and certification

Clearstream’s international expertise and innovative technical solutions can help you maximise the efficiency of your tax operations and help you lower your tax administration costs.