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Analytics Integrated suite of front-to-back investment management solutions

Qontigo provides an integrated suite of front-to-back investment management solutions to a global client base, including asset managers, hedge funds, insurance companies, pension funds, wealth managers and investment banks. Our services are comprised of multi-asset enterprise risk management, portfolio construction, performance attribution, regulatory reporting and custom index design.

With over US$10 trillion in assets under management, our clients rely on Qontigo’s solutions for decision intelligence throughout the entire investment process across the front, middle and back office. Enabled by the market-leading technology from APIs to the cloud-native open environment of axiomaBlueTM and fully integrated content and analytics, our customers deploy Qontigo’s solutions to create competitive advantage – from risk to return.

Portfolio construction: Qontigo empowers front portfolio managers with various methodologies to efficiently implement investment strategies with unique goals and processes. Our solutions enable users to establish superior risk control by avoiding underestimation of risk and over-sensitivity to expected return changes. Axioma’s open technology can be easily integrated via APIs with internal and other third-party solutions.

  • Access to the industry’s most extensive library of modelling options
  • Source analysis of risks and returns for attribution
  • Access to daily country, region, and global risk models at varying time horizons
  • Creation of custom risk models tailored to the investment process

Risk management: using our cloud-native, API-first solutions, risk managers can achieve consistency in their view of risk across the organisation, geographies and various asset classes. Qontigo’s clients can consolidate multiple legacy risk providers into one streamlined middle office platform, as well as visualise their equity and multi-asset class portfolios in a different way and gain unparalleled insight into risk performance.

  • Achievement of consistent view of risk across the entire organisation
  • Consolidation of multiple legacy risk providers into one middle office platform
  • Differentiated data perception by state-of-the-art visualisation
  • Numerous benefits of a secure and reliable cloud-native risk platform

Regulatory reporting solutions: ever-expanding and sometimes contradictory demands from global regulatory bodies mean that investment managers need a solution with integrated data gathering, analytics, output and linkage to regulatory agencies. Qontigo’s end-to-end solution removes the pain of reporting by seamlessly consolidating data to ensure a consistent, company-wide picture of risk across all reporting regimes.

  • Tackle of multiple global filings with a single cloud-based system
  • Complete, on-demand transparency of the entire reporting process
  • In-house calculatation of risk metrics
  • Seamless reading of source files through file-agnostic system

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