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Market data and regulatory services

Market data and regulatory servicesAdvancing markets with valuable input and reporting services

Deutsche Börse Group provides market participants with the highest quality market data and supports them in fulfilling regulatory requirements with ease.

As a premier provider of proprietary financial information, Data Services offers real-time and historical market data as well as real-time analytics. Our expertise in the commercialisation and dissemination of low latency market data serves as the basis for our numerous data cooperations and partnerships with exchange organisations across the globe.

Our Regulatory Services business has developed the Regulatory Reporting Hub, a strong one-stop solution, to enable clients to meet their current and future regulatory obligations reliably and efficiently.

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Real-time market data

Our low latency data products provide information on all instruments listed on our own trading venues Xetra and Eurex as well as those of our cooperation partners.

Regulatory Reporting Hub

Our Hub enables sell-side and buy-side clients, corporates, regulated markets, MTFs and OTFs to meet their regulatory obligations efficiently and reliably – reporting to all relevant National Competent Authorities, covering multiple regulations.


Real-time order book and trade analytics provide valuable insights regarding market liquidity and trends.

EMIR reporting

Our service covers all functionalities required to enter and process transactions, positions, valuations and portfolio-based collaterals reportable under EMIR.