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Settlement and asset servicing

Settlement and asset servicing Clearstream’s securities services

Once a securities transaction has been concluded, securities and money must change hands. Therefore, every transaction is followed by a series of post-trading processes at a central securities depository (CSD).

Within Deutsche Börse Group, Clearstream’s domestic and international CSDs are responsible for the settlement of the transactions, as well as the safekeeping (custody) and administration of the securities on deposit. Clearstream ensures smooth and accurate settlement in international securities, and domestic securities traded on the domestic market or across borders. The straight-through processing is efficient, near risk-free and real-time. Further asset services include the settlement processing of income and redemption payments, corporate actions, tax and proxy voting services, as well as safekeeping services. 

Our brands: Clearstream, LuxCSD


Covering about 60 markets worldwide, Clearstream is responsible for efficient global securities settlement by providing comprehensive post-trading services.

Asset services

Clearstream takes care of the smooth processing of transactions, whether with “delivery for payment” or “free of payment”. Per year, around 170 million transactions are processed. The offering includes services at all stages of the life cycle of a financial instrument.