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Investment fund services

Investment fund servicesIntegrated solutions for trade execution and custody across all fund types

As a specialised sub-custodian, Clearstream delivers state-of-the-art solutions to standardise fund processing and increase efficiency and safety in the investment funds sector.


Vestima is your gateway to a world of over 190,000 investment funds from 40 jurisdictions.

Distributors and fund platforms

Profit from order management and the subsequent settlement and custody in an open model, flexible enough to cope with a wide variety of customer and market requirements.

Fund providers

Clearstream helps fund promoters to provide a multitude of small distributors with a coherent and unique tool, resulting in increased investments in the fund and lower costs.

Markets covered

Clearstream holds investment fund assets on behalf of customers in over 40 jurisdictions.

Key documentation

Vestima documentation at your finger tips.


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