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Issuance Comprehensive issuance and distribution services under the Global Issuer Hub

Clearstream’s Global Issuer Hub is a one-stop issuance solution. It covers the entire lifecycle of a security. Our customised services, deep liquidity pool and extensive network of investors help issuers reach investors worldwide at the lowest financing cost in almost 100 denomination currencies. Take a look at Clearstream’s introduction web page on Issuance

Global Issuer Hub

Clearstream’s fully-customised services for issuers, their agents and the market cover the entire issuance cycle from admission to distribution and asset servicing.

Issuance with T2S

By choosing Clearstream as their single point of access to T2S markets, issuers can consolidate all their issuances in the Global Issuer Hub and benefit from lower costs.

Issuance model ICSD

Over 14,000 issuers from 130 countries have joined our network which provides access to investors in 110 countries. Our experts can handle governing laws from over 60 jurisdictions.

Issuance model CSD

While Clearstream’s CSD in Germany mainly supports issuance and settlement in euro central bank money, it also accepts securities denominated in many other currencies thanks to its cooperation with Clearstream’s ICSD.

Issuance services

Clearstream’s comprehensive advisory services ensure that the admission process goes as smoothly as possible. Customers can benefit from a comprehensive suite of services for code allocation, pre-code allocation and the electronic transfer of documents.