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Strategy and initiatives

Strategy and initiativesKeeping ahead

Clearstream takes its customers’ interests to heart – not just their day-to-day interests but also their challenges of the future. Take a look at our most important strategies and initiatives.
Please see the “Strategy and initiatives” section of the Clearstream website for more. 

Deutsche Börse and Clearstream see T2S as a fundamental shift in European capital market structure. T2S presents opportunities to do business in a radically new manner.

Clearstream has been actively promoting the internationalisation of the Renminbi since 2010, and since then we have been integral in many significant steps as this currency evolves.

Our customers, like ourselves, face an unprecedented amount of new regulation as a result of policy makers, regulators and the industry seeking to make the markets safer and more efficient. As a neutral market infrastructure and part of the integrated exchange organisation Deutsche Börse Group, we can and want to be part of the solution to meet these objectives.