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Hosted managed services: references

Hosted managed services: references

Banco Bradesco Europa S.A.

“We chose Clearstream Services IT to host our new data centre because they have a high level of technical standards and infrastructures in place, as well as a competitive level of costs. Also, they operate in an environment characterised by a strong culture of investor protection and rigorous anti-money laundering policies, underpinned by a competent and proactive supervisory authority.”

Jean-Philippe Leroy, Managing Director of Banco Bradesco Europa S.A.


“IT Outsourcing is not only a model of cost control, but also a way of accessing higher expertise, a highly available and secured infrastructure and to access large number of managed services around IT Infrastructure. Founding a partnership such as the one with Clearstream Services permits BKCP to concentrate on its core business, which is retail banking.”

Yves van der Beken, Chief Information Officer, BKCP Bank