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360T Regulatory Solutions

360T regulatory servicesDoing business in a regulated environment

As an authorised firm providing trading capabilities to the wholesale markets, 360T is committed to complying with the fundamental principles of doing business in a regulated environment.

To continue to meet the evolving needs of our clients, we will optimally position ourselves within new regulatory structures.

Commitment to the FX Global Code


360T confirms that it acts as a market participant as defined by the FX Global Code, and is committed to conducting its activities in accordance with the principles of the Code.

Authorisations and approvals


Both 360T AG and 360T Inc. are subject to regulatory authorisations by financial services regulators in the jurisdictions in which they operate. Find our current authorisations and approvals here.



Our Compliance Statement provides 360T's current and potential customers with high-level confirmation of how we meet regulatory rules.

EU regulatory reform (EMIR)


EMIR, the European Market Infrastructure Regulation has a direct effect in all EU Member States. Our regulatory services are here to help you with all EMIR requirements.

Swap Execution Facility (SEF)

Our SEF services provide clients with greater transparency and enhanced control at every stage of the trading lifecycle and to help them to comply with their own regulatory obligations.