Deutsche Börse Group is well advanced in its Brexit preparations

After several trading venues of Deutsche Börse Group had been granted access by the United Kingdom’s (UK) authorities to the British market earlier this year, by now, all business units of Deutsche Börse Group have found practical solutions in place for the time after the UK withdrawal.

All of our trading venues got the necessary licenses, like the Recognised Overseas Investment Exchange (ROIE) status. In case of a disorderly Brexit, our central counterparties (CCPs), central securities depositories (CSDs) and other services benefit from regulatory contingency measures, such as the Temporary Recognition Regime. Additionally, we are in close contact with UK regulators. In some cases, we have established new entities, e.g. the REGIS-TR UK Ltd. in the UK, to secure continuous market access to our clients. 

Furthermore, we have set up a Brexit Transition Team, which is working intensively with our customers on individual solutions to ensure a smooth transition to a post-Brexit environment. Clients can contact the Brexit Transition Team at any time, if they need further support in their Brexit preparations.

At the same time, Eurex Clearing AG together with its customers has launched the Eurex Clearing Partnership Program as a market-led EU-27 alternative to clearing in London. 

Customers residing in the UK will thus be able to continue to participate in trading in securities, derivatives and commodity products, regardless of the outcome of the withdrawal negotiations between the UK and the European Union.

Deutsche Börse Group’s main objective is and remains to create resilient and stable trading and post-trade conditions.

The Group is in constant and close contact with its customers, supervisors and associations to minimise the negative effects of the withdrawal for its stakeholders and to help shaping the second phase of Brexit accordingly.