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Build trust

Build trust

Deutsche Börse Group aims to organise the capital markets to be sound, transparent and safe. One key aspect when it comes to achieving this goal is the availability of high-quality information, which the company continuously strives to enhance. In this context, providing sustainability information is as important as conducting a constructive dialogue on the sustainability of the international capital markets, not only with customers but also with society in general.

Transparency initiatives

Deutsche Börse Group is continually working to improve transparency on global capital markets. Our various initiatives are tailored to the requirements of the different players on the capital market.

Sustainable products and services

Deutsche Börse offers, in particular, a wide range of sustainability indices that investors can use as the basis for sustainable investment.

Customer governance

A variety of advisory bodies and working committees – either established under public law or set up by Deutsche Börse itself – are at the heart of our customer governance and are the basis of a trust-based working relationship with our customers.


We are involved in numerous national and international associations, initiatives and organisations.