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In dialogue: focus on the interests of internal and external stakeholders

A few years ago, Deutsche Börse Group launched a four-stage qualitative survey format to further expand and intensify its dialogue and collaboration with the various stakeholder groups:

  • To begin with, the importance of the various stakeholder groups for Deutsche Börse Group’s business activities was examined in a survey across the company’s internal departments. In addition, the departments assess which areas for action are relevant for their respective stakeholder groups.
  • As a result, so-called focus groups are formed annually, each of which concentrates on one stakeholder group and its interests.
  • The focus groups discussed key questions relating to areas for action at Deutsche Börse, its responsibilities and possible objectives, and prioritised them from the stakeholders’ perspective.
  • The results of these stakeholder discussion are evaluated by an external market research institute, compared with internal hypotheses and included in Deutsche Börse Group’s materiality analysis.

In the reporting years 2014, 2015 and 2016, focus group discussions were held with employees, market participants, policy makers and representatives from supervisory/regulatory bodies as well as from academia and research. Sustainability managers from companies listed in various segments and representatives from a number of NGOs also took part in the discussions. In 2017, the meetings of the Accelerating Sustainable Finance task forces on “Sustainable products and services”, “Impact investing” and “ESG data” were used to survey stakeholders. A broad base of participants ensured that key market players of the Frankfurt/Main financial centre were included. Overall, this survey format allows to define specific, differentiated areas for action. In addition, the stakeholders’ perspective is incorporated directly into the process of determining the materiality of Deutsche Börse Group’s various areas for action.

In the 2018 reporting year, the process of identifying key areas for action was developed into a quantitative procedure. Based on the results obtained so far, a survey format was conducted to meet both the requirements of the CSR guidelines implementation act and those of the GRI. For the first time, all relevant stakeholder groups were surveyed within one year. This facilitated the drawing of concrete comparisons, which also included the opportunity and risk profile of Deutsche Börse Group with regard to non-financial aspects. 

The aim was to increase the quality and comparability of the data and thereby strengthen the results’ significance.

In the 2019 reporting year, the results of the previous year’s materiality analysis were validated using various instruments as well as internal and external platforms to enter into dialogue with stakeholders:

  • Information from Deutsche Börse Group’s control bodies and working committees, whose members include international capital market representatives (for an overview of the control bodies and working committees, see customer governance)
  • Analyses of customer satisfaction surveys, customer visits and entries in Deutsche Börse Group’s innovation portal
  • Internal analyses and assessments of trends and developments in the financial services sector (e.g. changes in the regulatory framework)
  • Insights gained from investor conferences, roadshows and individual visits as well as from topics raised at the Annual General Meeting
  • Feedback from staff meetings, employee events, review discussions and the employee surveys conducted in 2019
  • Results from the two Group Sustainability Board meetings 2019
  • Evaluation of internal discussions at the management level for the strategic development of Group-wide ESG management
  • Areas of focus identified at the meetings of the Executive and Supervisory Boards and of the individual Supervisory Board committees
  • Participation in a number of national and international sustainability ratings and rankings
  • Client evaluation of Deutsche Börse Group’s sustainability management

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