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StrategyActing with an eye to the future

Deutsche Börse Group meets its corporate responsibility comprehensively and maintains a steady dialogue with its various stakeholder groups. This exchange forms an important pillar for the strategic direction of its sustainability strategy. It comprises three practical leitmotifs with the objective of strengthening and securing the economical and social value of the Group in a sustainable way.

Build trust

It is the aim of Deutsche Börse Group to organise capital markets with integrity as well as to make them transparent and safe, every day. A key aspect to achieving this goal is to make high-quality information available, continuously revised and expanded by dedicated Group employees. In this context, the provision of information on sustainability is equally important as a constructive dialogue with a view to the future sustainability of the international capital markets, which must be engaged in with customers as well as society in general.

Set an example

As an exchange-listed service provider, Deutsche Börse Group has the objective to conduct its business dealings in a responsible and sustainable way. In addition, the company pursues a sustainable personnel policy and is dedicated to the environment and thus, to preserving its resources. With its intention of developing into a model market player, the Group is continuously working to expand its sustainability commitment and reporting.

Create awareness

As part of civil society, Deutsche Börse Group bears a responsibility which it strives to also meet at its international locations. By adapting to local requirements and striving for good citizenship with long-term cooperations, the Group works to strengthen the structure of the non-profit sector.