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Set an example

Set an example

Deutsche Börse Group is committed to corporate management that takes social, ethical and ecological aspects into account in implementing its business objectives. As a company listed on the stock exchange, it is obliged to consistently monitor its own sustainability management and intensify it as part of its comprehensive reporting with the aim of setting a good example in the market.

Measuring sustainability – ratings

Independent institutions regularly assess companies according to their approach to ecological, economic and social challenges and risks. Deutsche Börse Group is no exception.

Employees – the cornerstone of our success

By pursuing a responsible, sustainable personnel policy, we strive to find and support highly talented individuals and seek their long-term commitment to the company.

Procurement management – our suppliers should also observe sustainability principles

To ensure this, our suppliers have been given a code of conduct for suppliers comprising ecological, social and sustainability criteria.

Environmental management – our contribution

Environmental issues are an integral part of our Group Sustainability activities. Numerous activities help us to minimise our ecological footprint.

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