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Procurement management

Procurement managementCompliance with sustainable development principles includes our suppliers

Deutsche Börse Group is aware of its entrepreneurial responsibility and is committed to the principles of sustainability. Therefore, its suppliers and service providers are also expected to observe these principles. To ensure this, our suppliers have been given a code of conduct for suppliers comprising ecological, social and sustainability criteria.

The majority of our suppliers have signed this code of conduct, while others comply with voluntary commitments which include the criteria stipulated in our code of conduct or even surpass them. Our general terms and conditions also call for sustainable practices. Our procurement procedure includes checking that suppliers have suitable certification.

Supplier assessment

Asking our suppliers and service providers to sign our code of conduct is just one part of our efforts to select business partners who take their responsibility seriously. Within and across the different business areas of the company we continuously assess and evaluate our suppliers. The criteria for this ongoing evaluation include economic, social and ethical sustainability.

Workshops with suppliers

We take responsibility into account early on in the procurement process, especially when it comes to selecting strategic suppliers. An example that illustrates this was our search for a primary data centre for Deutsche Börse’s new trading system in Frankfurt a few years ago: one of the most important criteria was energy efficiency. This was an important topic of discussion in the presentations made by suppliers during the selection procedure. In addition, this criterion was subject to an initial assessment by independent external experts.