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Sustainability ratings and indicesMeasuring sustainability

Ratings and indices provide important information on markets and competition. There are numerous sustainability ratings by independent institutions that assess companies according to their approach to ecological, economic and social challenges and risks.

Deutsche Börse Group participates in a number of significant initiatives upholding sustainability interests. You will find information on these initiatives in the “Transparency initiatives” section.

The activities of Deutsche Börse AG are annually assessed and analysed in the following ratings and indices:


CDPScore: B
(Rating scale: A–F)
Industry average: C
FTSE ESG RatingESG (environmental, social, governmental) rating: 4.6
(Rating scale: 0–5)
ESG rating Supersector Relative score: 97
(Rating scale: 1–100)
Oekom research AGStatus: C Prime
(Rating scale: A+–D–; A=best; Prime=“best in class”)
(former RobecoSAM)
Company score 2019: 66
(Valuation standard: 1–100)
Industry average: 32
Inclusion into the Dow Jones Sustainability Europe index
Inclusion into the Dow Jones Sustainability World index
Sustainability Yearbook Member since 2014 (best 15% in Diversified Financial Services and Capital Market sector)

Total score 2018: 741)
(Rating scale: 1–100)
Relative position: Leader (10 of 218)

1) Results 2019 as of 13 March 2020 still outstanding

As at 13 March 2020


The positive evaluation in various ratings has led to the listing of Deutsche Börse stocks in the following sustainability indices:


DJSI Europe IndexThe Dow Jones Sustainability Europe Index contains the performance of the top 20 per cent of the biggest 600 companies in the Dow Jones Global Index which lead their field in terms of corporate sustainability.
DJSI World IndexThe Dow Jones Sustainability World Index and respective subsets track the performance of the top 10% of the 2500 largest companies in the S&P Global Broad Market IndexSM that lead the field in terms of sustainability.
ECPI Euro Ethical Equity IndexThe ECPI Euro Ethical Equity Index is composed by the 150 most capitalised ethical companies in the European market which are eligible investments according to ECPI ESG rating methodology and Controversial Sector Screening.
ECPI Global Developed ESG Best in Class Equity IndexThe ECPI Global Developed ESG Best in Class Equity Index represents global developed market companies selected on the basis of their ESG performance as measured by ECPI ESG ratings and scores (best-in-class approach).
ESI Excellence Europe IndexThe Ethibel Sustainability Index Excellence Europe comprises 200 European companies which received the best sustainability ratings, based on Vigeo’s CSR ratings in accordance with the Ethibel Sustainability Indices Rulebook.
Euronext Vigeo Eurozone 120 IndexThe Euronext Vigeo Eurozone 120 Index contains the 120 most advanced companies in the euro area, as determined by the review of up to 330 indicators, assessed by Vigeo within 38 sustainability drivers. Companies are excluded from this index if they are subject to critical controversies to which they failed to provide visible evidence of corrective measures or to engage with their stakeholders.
FTSE4Good Indices (Global and Europe)The FTSE4Good indices were created to evaluate the performance of companies worldwide respectively Europe which meet corporate responsibility standards.
MSCI World ESGThe MSCI World ESG Index includes large and mid-cap shares and is based on the MSCI World index. The index contains companies that are strongly committed to ESG aspects.
MSCI ACWI ESG IndexThe MSCI ACWI ESG Indices provide exposure to companies with high ESG performance relative to their sector peers and consists of large and mid-cap companies across 23 Developed Markets (DM) and 21 Emerging Markets (EM).
STOXX® Global ESG Leaders IndexThe STOXX Global ESG Leaders index offers a representation of the leading global companies in terms of environmental, social and governance criteria, based on ESG indicators provided by Sustainalytics.
EURO STOXX® Sustainability indexThe EURO STOXX® Sustainability index offers a consistent, flexible and investable representation of the largest sustainability leaders in the euro area, i.e. the euro area leaders in terms of long-term environmental, social and governance criteria.
STOXX® Europe Sustainability IndexThe STOXX® Europe Sustainability index offers a consistent, flexible and investable representation of the largest European sustainability leaders, i.e. the European top leaders in terms of environmental, social and governance criteria.

As at 13 March 2020