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Non-financial performance indicators

Report on expected developments – trends in non-financial performance indicators

Initiatives to promote the transparency and security of the markets will continue to be a key focus during the forecast period, ensuring that Deutsche Börse Group adds value to society. Against this backdrop, the company expects to maintain the availability of the different trading systems for the cash and derivative market at the very high level seen in previous years throughout the forecast period.

Responsible management that focuses on long-term value creation is of considerable importance for Deutsche Börse Group as a service company. Given demographic change and the resulting shortage of specialist staff, the company aims to continue to position itself adequately and among other things to increase the number of women in management positions. The Executive Board already set a voluntary target in 2010 for Deutsche Börse Group to increase the proportion of women in middle and senior management to 20 per cent and in junior management to 30 per cent by 2020. These targets remain in place. They relate to Deutsche Börse Group worldwide, including subsidiaries.

In accordance with the Gesetz für die gleichberechtigte Teilhabe von Frauen und Männern an Führungspositionen in der Privatwirtschaft und im öffentlichen Dienst (FührposGleichberG, German Act on the Equal Participation of Women and Men in Leadership Positions in the Private and Public Sectors), the Supervisory and Executive Boards of Deutsche Börse AG additionally resolved in September 2015 to maintain the existing quotas of women on the two management levels below the Executive Board, i.e. 6 per cent on the first and 10 per cent on the second management level, at least until 30 June 2017. Deutsche Börse AG achieved these targets with a quota of 11 per cent on the first and 15 per cent on the second management level. Hence, the Executive Board of Deutsche Börse AG determined new targets, and now endeavours to achieve a female quota of 15 per cent on the first management level and of 20 per cent on the second management level by 31 December 2021.

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Key figures of the previous annual reports of Deutsche Börse Group, including net revenue, earnings per share, return on equity and EBIT margin.

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The report on expected developments describes Deutsche Börse Group’s expected performance in financial year.

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Current price and company information on Deutsche Börse AG shares as well as an overview of all bonds issued by Deutsche Börse AG.


Current statistics contain the trading volumes of the cash and derivatives market from 2002 to the present and the post-trading performance figures from 2006 to the present.