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Remuneration report

Remuneration reportRemuneration of the Supervisory Board in 2016

The members of the Supervisory Board receive a fixed annual remuneration of €70 thousand. The Chairman receives remuneration of €170 thousand and the Deputy Chairman receives €105 thousand. Members of Supervisory Board committees receive additional fixed annual remuneration of €30 thousand for each committee position they hold. This amount rises to €35 thousand for members of the Audit Committee. Committee Chairmen’s remuneration is €40 thousand, or €60 thousand for the Chairman of the Audit Committee. If a Supervisory Board member belongs to several Supervisory Board committees, only the work in a maximum of two committees is remunerated. The remuneration for the work in the two most highly remunerated committees is awarded. Supervisory Board members who only belong to the Supervisory Board for part of the financial year, receive one-twelfth of the fixed annual remuneration and, if applicable, of the remuneration for their committee membership, for each month or part-month of membership.

With the Annual General Meeting on 11 May 2016, an attendance fee was introduced. For every meeting of the Supervisory Board or one of its committees attended by a member of the Supervisory Board in person, be it as a member of the Board or committee or a guest, they will receive an attendance fee of €1 thousand. Where two or more meetings are held on the same day or on consecutive days, the attendance fee will only be granted once.

Remuneration paid to members of the Supervisory Board for advisory and agency services

There were no further agreements in the reporting period for advisory and agency services with members of the Supervisory Board, or with companies that employ members of the Supervisory Board of Deutsche Börse AG, or in which Supervisory Board members hold an interest..

Supervisory Board remuneration1)

€ thous.
€ thous.
Joachim Faber (Chairman)full yearfull year257.0250.0
Richard Berliand
(Deputy Chairman as from 13 May 2015)
full yearfull year190.0175.8
Ann-Kristin Achleitner3)11 May − 31 Dec89.7
Irmtraud Busch4)1 Jan − 13 May41.7
Karl-Heinz Flötherfull yearfull year142.0137.1
Marion Fornofffull yearfull year107.0100.0
Hans-Peter Gabefull yearfull year106.0100.0
Richard M. Hayden4)1 Jan − 13 May54.2
Craig Heimarkfull yearfull year103.0116.7
David Krell4)1 Jan − 13 May41.7
Monica Mächlerfull yearfull year140.0125.8
Friedrich Merz4)1 Jan − 13 May56.3
Thomas Neiße4)1 Jan − 13 May41.7
Heinz-Joachim Neubürger †1 Jan − 5 Feb22.5
Gerhard Roggemann
(Deputy Chairman until 13 May 2015)5)
1 Jan − 11 Mayfull year54.2144.6
Erhard Schipporeitfull yearfull year166.0166.7
Jutta Stuhlfauthfull yearfull year135.0120.0
Martin Ulrici4)1 Jan − 13 May41.7
Johannes Wittfull yearfull year143.0137.5
Amy Yip6)full year13 May − 31 Dec132.086.7
Total  1,764.91,960.7

1) The recipient of the remuneration is determined individually by the members of the Supervisory Board.
2) Remuneration including individual attendance fee
3) Elected to the Supervisory Board on 11 May 2016
4) Left the Supervisory Board on 13 May 2015
5) Left the Supervisory Board on 11 May 2016
6) Elected to the Supervisory Board on 13 May 2015

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