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Deutsche Börse Group provides a wide range of services to market operators all over the world. Our portfolio extends from setting up and running cash, energy and commodity markets, to providing services for their operation. In addition to operating extremely reliable, highly secure and recognised exchange systems, we provide a selection of hosted managed services that allow clients to operate their IT systems and business applications in a reliable and fully compliant manner, meeting the high standards of the financial service industry.

Our brands: Deutsche Börse, 7 Market Technology®: C7®, F7®, M7®, N7®, T7®

Financial markets solutions


More than 30 exchanges and market places utilise Deutsche Börse technology and outsource IT and operations with us.

Commodities market solutions

Energy commodities

Since the establishment of the European Energy Exchange (EEX) in Frankfurt in 2000, Deutsche Börse has helped shape energy trading.

Network connectivity services


Our N7 network powers all elements of the trade cycle, from secure access to trading systems, dissemination of real-time market data to delivery of applications and mission critical services.

Hosted managed services


Deutsche Börse adds value to your organisation by operating your IT systems and business applications – reliably and fully compliant to the highest standards.

Trading tools

Trading infrastructure

Specialised software as a service solution for Deutsche Börse trading participants

7 Markets Technology


Our 7 Market Technology series offers a range of innovations in trading, clearing, risk management and connectivity – advanced infrastructure that lets you adapt to whatever the future brings.