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  1. Release date:
    07 Jun 2023
    Press release | Eurex

    Eurex to build an EU-based liquidity pool for Euro short-term interest rate derivatives

    - Eurex will expand its Partnership Program for interest rate swaps to include short-term interest rate (STIR) derivatives segment.

    - By combining an EU-based liquidity pool for STIR derivatives with its leading long-term interest rate (LTIR) derivatives segment and its OTC interest rate offering, Eurex further enhances margin efficiency.

    - With this market-led solution to create an alternative liquidity pool for STIR derivatives, Eurex supports the EU’s systemic risk management and strategic autonomy agenda.

  2. Release date:
    05 Jun 2023
    Press release | Deutsche Börse

    Review of the DAX index family

    - Changes in MDAX, SDAX and TecDAX
    - No changes in DAX

  3. Release date:
    05 Jun 2023
    Press release | Eurex

    May 2023 figures at Eurex

    - Repo volumes doubled to nearly EUR 400 billion

    - Strongest growth in daily GC Pooling with volumes rising 142 percent in May y-o-y

    - Notional outstanding in OTC Clearing up 27 percent

  4. Release date:
    01 Jun 2023
    Press release | Deutsche Börse Cash Market

    Cash market trading volumes in May 2023

  5. Release date:
    30 May 2023
    Press release | Clearstream

    Clearstream and Proxymity to launch digital general meeting announcement service in Germany and Luxembourg

    - New one-stop shop corporate event announcement platform for issuers and issuer agents in Germany and Luxembourg to cover all asset classes

  6. Release date:
    25 May 2023
    Press release | Deutsche Börse

    Deutsche Börse AG publishes offer document for public takeover of SimCorp A/S

    - Danish Financial Supervisory Authority approves SimCorp takeover offer document
    - Transaction is expected to be completed in Q3

  7. Release date:
    24 May 2023
    Press release | Clearstream

    TMX Group and Clearstream announce plans to launch new Canadian Collateral Management Service

    -    TMX and European post-trade services provider Clearstream join forces to launch Canadian Collateral Management Service (CCMS) 
    -    Exclusive domestic tri-party repo capability to increase liquidity and minimise exposure risk
    -    Platform launch planned for third quarter of 2023 

  8. Release date:
    12 May 2023
    Press release | Deutsche Börse Photography Foundation

    Samuel Fosso wins the Deutsche Börse Photography Foundation Prize 2023

  9. Release date:
    10 May 2023
    Press release | Eurex Clearing

    State Street executed first centrally cleared repo trades in Europe at Eurex

    - State Street, one of the world’s largest custodian banks, has joined Eurex via its Munich-based subsidiary State Street Bank International (SSBI).

  10. Release date:
    05 May 2023

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