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Supervisory Board

Supervisory Board Deutsche Börse AG

The Supervisory Board of Deutsche Börse AG consists of 16 members, comprising 8 shareholder representatives and 8 employee representatives in accordance with section 7 (1) sentence 2, sentence 1 no. 2 of the MitbestG and article 9 (1) sentence 1 of the Articles of Incorporation of Deutsche Börse AG.

The most important functions and duties of the Supervisory Board are to oversee the work of the Executive Board and appoint its members as well as to approve important corporate decisions and company planning.

Members of the Supervisory Board are elected for a term of three years.

Members of the Supervisory Board of Deutsche Börse AG

Martin Jetter

Chairman of the Supervisory Board

Jutta Stuhlfauth* 
Deputy Chairperson,
Lawyer, M.B.A. (Wales) and employee (Expert) Group Organisational Services Department, Frankfurt/Main
Nadine Absenger* 

Head of department Legal and Legal Policy, ver.di federal administration, Berlin

Markus Beck* 

In-House-Legal Counsel, Corporate & Regulatory Legal, Deutsche Börse AG, Frankfurt/Main

Karl-Heinz Flöther   

Independent management consultant, Kronberg/Ts.


Andreas Gottschling


Member of the Supervisory Board


Oliver Greie*


Regional Director, Vereinte Dienstleistungsgewerkschaft (ver.di) Saxony, Thuringia

Susann Just-Marx* 

Head of Sales Clearing, European Energy Exchange AG, Leipzig

Achim Karle* 

Employee Equity & Index Sales EMEA, Deutsche Börse AG, Frankfurt/Main

Cornelis Johannes Nicolaas Kruijssen* 

Head of Unit Service Desk and Onsite Support, Deutsche Börse AG, Frankfurt/Main

Barbara Lambert 

Independent management consultant, Givrins, Switzerland

Michael Rüdiger 

Independent management consultant, Utting am Ammersee

Carsten Schäfer* 

Employee (Expert) Group Risk Management, Deutsche Börse AG, Frankfurt/Main

Charles Stonehill 

Green & Blue Advisors LLC, Founding Partner, New York

Clara-Christina Streit 

Independent Management Consultant, Bielefeld


Chong Lee Tan


CEO Capital Solutions Group, Temasek Holding, Singapore, Republic of Singapore


(Employee representatives are indicated with a *)

Other appointments

The membership of the Supervisory Board members in further statutory supervisory boards or comparable German or foreign control bodies of business enterprises can be found in the attached list. These board memberships are also listed in the curricula vitae of the Supervisory Board members which are provided above.