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Non-financial performance indicators

Report on expected developments – development of non-financial performance indicators

Initiatives to promote the transparency and security of the markets will continue to be a key focus during the forecast period, ensuring that we add value for society. As far as the forecast development of non-financial performance indicators for 2023 is concerned, system availability (customer facing IT) was brought back into line with the high targets by means of additional back-up measures, which became part of everyday operations. We therefore expect that the system availability (customer facing IT) will remain high in the forecast period.

Being an attractive employer is important for our sustained success. We want to attract top talents and retain them for the long term. The measures described in the chapter “Our Employees” put us in a good position and we are confident that we can maintain or improve on our employee satisfaction of more than 71.5 per cent.

Deutsche Börse AG’s Executive Board has defined target quotas for women on the two management levels beneath the Executive Board, in accordance with section 76 (4) of the AktG, in each case referring to Deutsche Börse AG. By 31 December 2023, the proportion of women holding positions in the first and second management levels beneath the Executive Board is planned to reach 15 per cent and 27 per cent, respectively.

Moreover, on a global group level the Executive Board adopted a voluntary commitment to increase the share of women holding upper management positions to 23 per cent by the end of 2023, and of women holding lower management positions to 33 per cent during the same period. We have extended the scope of our voluntary commitment over and above the legal requirements. 

The assessment of independent ESG rating agencies is an important benchmark for our ESG efforts. We continuously analyse our performance and take action accordingly. Over the forecast period we expect that we will be able to maintain our good position above the 90th percentile of the ESG ratings.

Targets for non-financial key performance indicators 2023

Basis 2022Target 2023

System availability (customer facing IT)



Employee satisfaction



Women in leadership positions1)



ESG ratings

98th percentile

>90th percentile

1) Group-wide target in senior management.