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Overall assessment by the Executive Board

Report on expected developments – overall assessment by the Executive Board

The Executive Board of Deutsche Börse AG believes that the Group continues to be very well positioned in terms of international competition, thanks to its comprehensive offering along the securities trading value chain and its innovative strength. Against this backdrop, the Executive Board expects to see a positive trend in the Group' s results of operations over the long term. The purpose of the measures as part of the growth strategy is to further accelerate the Group’s growth. In this context, the Group aims to act in a more agile and effective manner, and with increased client focus, to turn Deutsche Börse into the global market infrastructure provider of choice, being top-ranked in all its activities. Looking at the economic and regulatory framework over the forecast period, uncertainty persists concerning capital market participants’ behaviour; therefore, it is impossible to come up with a concrete forecast for cyclical growth in net revenue. Nonetheless, Deutsche Börse Group endeavours to further expand its structural growth areas, and to increase their contribution to net revenue again by at least 5 per cent. In terms of net profit for the period attributable to Deutsche Börse AG shareholders, the Executive Board expects growth (excluding non-recurring effects) of around €1.20 billion in the forecast period. Overall, the Executive Board assumes on this basis that cash flow from operating activities will be clearly positive and that, as in previous years, the liquidity base will be sound. The overall assessment by the Executive Board is valid as at the publication date for this combined management report.