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Frankfurt/Main and Eschborn Deutsche Börse Group worldwide

The Cube
Deutsche Börse Group is headquartered in the financial centre of Frankfurt. The Group’s headquarters is located in Eschborn, just outside Frankfurt’s city limits. Around 3,000 employees work here. Eschborn is also home to the subsidiaries Eurex, Eurex Clearing ans Clearstream Banking AG. Systems operations and IT development are also controlled from Eschborn.

The trading hall is located in the “Alte Börse” in downtown Frankfurt, but only a few of the company’s employees work there. 360 Treasury Systems AG (360T), our foreign exchange subsidiary, is headquartered in Frankfurt’s Westend district. The vault and data centre are also located in Frankfurt.

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Visitors Center

The Deutsche Börse Visitors Center in Frankfurt offers visitors insights into the world of the capital market in a multimedia exhibition. Book now!

Art Collection Deutsche Börse

Art collection

The Deutsche Börse Photography Foundation offers guided tours of its exhibition at Deutsche Börse’s headquarters in Eschborn. The regular tours are free of charge, in German and open to all interested visitors.

Deutsche Börse AG

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60485 Frankfurt/Main

+49 69 2110

+49 69 21112005


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Mergenthalerallee 61

65760 Eschborn, Germany

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Deutsche Börse Group is present in over 55 locations worldwide.

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