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Xentric Advanced software as a service solutions for connectivity to Xetra, Eurex and XONTRO

The Xentric software product family offers market participants a range of trading services to allow firms to connect their in-house systems to Xetra, Eurex and XONTRO. As well as functionally rich software packages, Deutsche Börse provides a wealth of tools for the development of customised solutions. Xentric enables members to reduce their costs through using our state-of-the-art shared infrastructure and connectivity.

Deutsche Börse Group is a certified Application Service Provider (ASP) and acts as a reliable IT outsourcing partner.

Xentric Trade Machine

Xentric Trade Machine is a fully fledged algo development platform allowing users to develop their own algorithms for arbitrage trading, proprietary trading and position hedging. Xentric Trade Machine also provides order matching and allows quotation algorithms for Designated Sponsors.

Xentric Specialist

Xentric Specialist offers limit-monitoring and continuous order book checking for brokers operation through the specialist trading model at the Börse Frankfurt trading venue.

Xentric Quote Source

Xentric Quote Source (XQS) provides issuers and specialists a quoting application programming interface to the Börse Frankfurt Zertifikate AG platform ( for certificates and warrants.

XQS also has an API interface to allow additional customized solutions. Information on the Xentric Quote Source application programming interface is available in the > member section.

Xentric Inside

Xentric Inside is Deutsche Börse’s customer portal allowing users to access the Xentric software and related documentation.


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