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Financial calendar

The financial calendar provides an overview of events concerned with the publication of financial information for the current and the last financial years. Via the links for the individual events you can access further information and all documentation for this particular event.

Please also see the information provided at the bottom of the page.

Financial calendar 2020

DateFinancial event/download
29 Oct. 2020Analyst and investor conference call Q3/2020
28 Oct. 2020Publication quarterly statement Q3/2020
30 Jul. 2020Analyst and investor conference call Q2/2020
29 Jul. 2020Publication half-yearly financial report 2020
10 Jun. 2020Goldman Sachs European Financials Conference (Rome)
4 Jun. 2020Deutsche Bank dbAccess Berlin Conference
3 Jun. 2020Piper Sandler Global Exchange & Brokerage conference (New York)
28 May 2020Investor Day (London)
19 May 2020Annual General Meeting (Frankfurt)
30 Apr. 2020Analyst and investor conference call Q1/2020
29 Apr. 2020Publication quarterly statement Q1/2020
19 Mar. 2020Morgan Stanley European Financials Conference (London)
18 Feb. 2020Analyst and investor conference call Q4 and FY 2019
18 Feb. 2020Annual press conference
17 Feb. 2020Publication preliminary results Q4 and FY 2019
21 Jan. 2020UniCredit / Kepler Cheuvreux German Corporate Conference (Frankfurt)
14 Jan. 2020Commerzbank German Investment Seminar (New York)
9 Jan. 2020Oddo BHF Forum (Lyon)

Financial calendar 2019

DateFinancial event/download
3 Dec 2019Berenberg European Conference (Pennyhill)
25 Nov. 2019Deutsches Eigenkapitalforum (Frankfurt)
13 Nov. 2019UBS European Conference (London)
29 Oct. 2019Analyst and investor conference Q3/2019
28 Oct. 2019Publication quarterly statement Q3/2019
26 Sep. 2019Bernstein Strategic Decisions CEO Conference  (London)
25 Sep. 2019BAML Financials CEO Conference 2019 (London)
23 Sep. 2019Goldman & Berenberg German Corporate Conference (Munich)
9 Sep. 2019Barclays Global Financial Services Conference (New York)
25 Jul. 2019Analyst and investor conference call Q2/2019
24 Jul. 2019Publication half-yearly financial report 2019
6 Jun. 2019Deutsche Bank conference (Berlin)
5 Jun. 2019Sandler O’Neill conference (New York)
29 May 2019UBS conference (New York)
22 May 2019Investor Day (London)
8 May 2019Annual General Meeting (Frankfurt)
30 Apr. 2019Analyst and investor conference call Q1/2019
29 Apr. 2019Publication quarterly statement Q1/2019
10 Apr. 2019Conference call
20 Mar. 2019Morgan Stanley conference (London)
14 Feb. 2019Analyst and investor conference Q4 and FY 2018
14 Feb. 2019Annual press briefing
13 Feb. 2019Publication preliminary results Q4 and FY 2018
31 Jan 2019Bankhaus Lampe conference (London)
23 Jan 2019Unicredit Kepler Cheuvreux conference (Frankfurt)
15 Jan 2019Commerzbank conference (New York)

Financial calendar 2018

DateFinancial event/download
4. Dec. 2018Berenberg conference (Pennyhill)
27. Nov. 2018German Equity Forum 2018 (Frankfurt)
19. Nov. 2018DZ Bank, Equity Conference (Frankfurt)
15. Nov. 2018HSBC (Luxembourg)
14. Nov. 2018UBS, European Conference 2018 (London)
30 Oct. 2018Analyst and investor conference Q3/2018
29 Oct. 2018Publication quarterly statement Q3/2018
26 Sep. 2018Bank of America Merrill Lynch, 23rd Annual Financials CEO Conference (London)
24 Sep. 2018Berenberg und Goldman Sachs, Seventh German Corporate Conference (München)
12 Sep. 2018Barclays, Global Financial Services Conference (New York)
26 Jul. 2018Analyst and investor conference call Q2/2018
25 Jul. 2018Publication half-yearly financial report 2018
14 Jun. 2018Barclays, European Select Conference (Sonoma)
7 Jun. 2018Deutsche Bank, dbAccess Berlin Conference (Berlin)
6 Jun. 2018Goldman Sachs, Twenty Second Annual European Financials Conference (Frankfurt)
30 May 2018Investor Day
16 May 2018Annual General Meeting
26 Apr. 2018Analyst and investor conference call Q1/2018
25 Apr. 2018Publication quarterly statement Q1/2018
10 Apr. 2018HSBC, European Financials West Coast Conference (San Francisco)
21 Mar. 2018Morgan Stanley, European Financials Conference (London)
21 Feb. 2018Analyst and investor conference Q4 and FY 2017
21 Feb. 2018Annual press briefing
20 Feb. 2018Publication preliminary results Q4 and FY 2017

Financial calendar 2017

Financial calendar 2016

Financial calendar 2015

Financial calendar 2014

Financial calendar 2013

Financial calendar 2012

Financial calendar 2011

DateFinancial event/download
28 Oct. 2011Analyst and investor conference - Q3/2011 results
27 Oct. 2011Publication Interim Report Q3/2011
29 Jul. 2011Analyst and investor conference - Q2/2011 results
28 Jul. 2011Publication Half-Yearly Financial Report 2011
1 Jun. 2011Investor Day 2011
13 May 2011Dividend distribution for 2010
12 May 2011Annual General Meeting
28 Apr. 2011Analyst and investor conference - Q1/2011 results
28 Apr. 2011Publication Interim Report Q1/2011
16 Feb. 2011Analyst and investor conference Q4 and FY 2010 (canceled) 
16 Feb. 2011Annual press briefing (canceled)
15 Feb. 2011Publication preliminary results Q4 and FY 2010

Financial calendar 2010


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