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There are two Deutsche Börse Group companies in Prague, both of them located in Prague’s Karlin 8 district: Deutsche Börse Services s.r.o. and Clearstream Operations Prague s.r.o. With currently more than 900 employees at both companies, Prague is the Group’s third-largest location after Frankfurt and Luxembourg.

Deutsche Börse Services s.r.o.

Deutsche Börse Services s.r.o. employees develop and maintain Deutsche Börse Group’s IT systems, focusing on trading, clearing and settlement systems.

The specialised development teams based in Prague frequently collaborate cross-border with employees from the Group’s various other locations.

The projects thus benefit from the strong network that has been established between the Group’s locations in Prague, Frankfurt and Luxembourg.

Clearstream Operations Prague, s.r.o

Clearstream Operations Prague s.r.o. mainly focuses on back office operations for the clearing, settlement, custody and index areas (within a business scope of Eurex, Clearstream and STOXX). In addition, employees provide corporate services for Deutsche Börse Group in the areas of compliance, financial accounting, HR and travel management.

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Clearstream Operations Prague s.r.o

Futurama Business Park

Building B

Sokolovská 662/136 B

186 00 Prague 8

+420 29 64-2 91 11

+420 29 64-2 93 05

Deutsche Börse Service s.r.o

Futurama Business Park

Building B

Sokolovská 662/136 B

186 00 Prague 8

+420 29 64-2 91 11

+420 29 64-2 88 90

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