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Our exchange glossary explains the most important terms to do with the exchange business and should not leave any question unanswered. If, however, you cannot find a term, please send us an e-mail and we will add it.

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  1. - (= deleted)

    Former price indication: A price could not be determined.

  2. - Taxe (= cancelled Taxe)

    Former rate note: A rate could not be provided; the price is estimated.

  3. A-Share

    Shares of Chinese corporations listed in Shanghai or Shenzhen in Renminbi.

  4. AAA rating

    Highest rating of creditworthiness and, therefore, the expected financial solvency of a company or country. It is spelled "Triple A". 

  5. abs.

    Abbreviation of ’’absolute difference’’

  6. Accrual bond

    Fixed-interest security that is issued at its face value and repaid at the end of the maturity period together with the accrued interest.

  7. Accumulate

    Positive evaluation of a share by analysts

  8. Acquisition currency

    Means of payment used in the takeover of a company

  9. Actively managed fund

    Mutual fund in which a portfolio manager actively monitors the composition of the portfolio, buying and selling securities in response to changing market conditions.

  10. Ad-hoc disclosure

    Obligation of issuers of securities to immediately report and publish any information that might have a bearing on the price of their securities.

  11. Additional margin

    Collateral furnished by holders of options or non-spread futures contracts to cover the potential costs of closing out their positions.

  12. Admission of securities to the Regulated Market

    Decision of the Admissions Office of an exchange to admit a security to the Regulated Market

  13. Admission to the exchange

    Prerequisite for a listing on the stock exchange

  14. Admissions Office

    Stock exchange body in charge of admitting securities to the Official Market (Amtlicher Markt)

  15. Advance-decline (AD)

    Technical trend indicator based on the number of advancing stocks less the number of declining stocks.

  16. AIBD return (ISMA return)

    International standard for evaluating the real interest return on bonds in which interest is compounded on a daily basis.

  17. AIBD return (ISMA-return)

    International standard for evaluating the real interest return on bonds in which interest is compounded on a daily basis

  18. All-time high

    The highest price ever paid for a security.

  19. All-time low

    The lowest price ever paid for a security.

  20. Allocation

    Distribution of the securities of an issue to the subscriptions.