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Knowledge and exams

Knowledge and exams

Deutsche Börse Group offers various knowledge formats for participants and those interested in the capital market. The offerings for the general public are usually accessible free of charge via the Internet.

Stock exchange knowledge for professionals is aimed first and foremost at participants on the Group’s trading platforms and is usually compulsory. It is complemented by formats aimed at professionals who benefit from a deeper knowledge of the capital market in their daily work.

Current Issues


Deutsche Börse Spotlight: DAX

Benchmark and barometer for the German economy

Our stock market glossary leaves no questions unanswered

The stock exchange A –Z is an online glossary with some 700 important terms from the world of exchange trading.


Exams for market participants

In order to participate in regulated markets, certain requirements must be met. As part of the mandatory admission process, various examinations ensure that participants in trading and clearing fulfil the necessary requirements.

Financial market know-how

The Cube

Everything about exchanges and the financial market: here, we regularly provide you with figures, data and background information.

History of the exchange

The Frankfurt Stock Exchange dates back to the Middle Ages. A brief history documents how Frankfurt has established itself as a leading exchange location.

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