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Deutsche Börse Group API Platform

The Deutsche Börse Group API Platform offers our customers a new way of experiencing the value of our company’s financial services and data by simplifying the automation and integration through easy-to-consume APIs. 

We are continuously expanding the range of API services offered to cover the entire lifecycle from trading, clearing and post-trading of financial instruments, in addition to services offered by partners and arm’s-length entities. 

The Deutsche Börse Group API Platform contains a catalogue of all functionalities and data currently accessible through an API. Access policies, access prerequisites, and restrictions such as rate limits or quota are documented on the platform. It enables existing and potential new clients to get in touch with Deutsche Börse and request or propose new API products useful for their own business.

Platform customers can filter APIs based on company name, business category, source system or tags to easily find or group together the best suitable APIs to meet their needs.

The platform’s onboarding process is extremely quick and offers a smooth experience. Customers can register in a matter of minutes in a few simple steps. The “Getting Started” section in the documentation offers step-by-step instructions to both publishers and consumers how to consume an API or publish their own (currently available only for partners). 

The platform also includes a set of public financial APIs which users can start consuming quickly right after the registration is completed. For developers who want to automate their integration processes, we offer our Deutsche Börse Group platform API, allowing them to create applications, manage APIs, create consumption credentials, and consume APIs in an automated way without having to access the platform’s user interface.


Deutsche Börse Group API Platform