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Settled in: Aly Ba

Release date:
07 Oct 2020

Settled in: Aly Ba People & ideas at Deutsche Börse

In our "Settled in" series, our colleagues who have decided to start their careers at Deutsche Börse Group share their journeys with us. Next, Aly Ba from the Data Warehouse unit at Clearstream tells us about his experiences and personal milestones within the company.

Aly Ba

How and when did you start your career at Clearstream?

As a continuation of my master studies in Telecommunications and Cloud Infrastructure Engineering in Paris, I applied for the end-of-studies internship at Deutsche Börse Group. I had been convinced to do so by the great experience of one of my cousins who had been working at Deutsche Börse Group before me and various positive testimonials on LinkedIn. 

In February 2019, I had the opportunity to start a six-month internship in the Service & Workflows unit at Clearstream as a Software and Cloud service engineer. It turned out to be a great experience as well as a good start to my career at Deutsche Börse Group. During the internship, I was not only given the possibility to work on diverse topics in software programming and DevOps (Software development and IT operations) technologies such as Docker, Kubernetes, and processes such as Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery Pipelines but also to evolve in a supportive, multicultural team. 

Following my internship, I was lucky enough to get an offer as a Software Engineer in the Data Warehouse unit where I am currently employed in a full-time position. 

What position do you fill in your team?

In a broad sense, my position mainly involves participating in and supporting applications development activities which entail various tasks. For example, at the beginning of a project, I start with analysing requests and requirements, then researching and brainstorming practical solutions in order to come up with a design (diagrams and models) that meets the system or application requirements. Following these steps, day-to-day work consists of writing and implementing efficient code from the design, performing tests to ensure that the system operates in compliance with the specifications and automating the deployment process using DevOps technologies.

One of the most interesting projects I worked on so far involved the transformation of multiple legacy applications into modern cloud based Golang microservices. Golang is an open source programming language. The challenging part was to efficiently break down the system into smaller and independent services which communicate through APIs. 

What do you enjoy most about working in IT?

Working in IT is very interesting as it is an ever-ongoing learning process due to all the new technologies. It requires constant training to always stay up to date. It is also a chance to exchange knowledge with more experienced colleagues and I particularly enjoy the supportive mindset and the collaborative spirit in my team.

As a software developer, it is quite rewarding to be able to work on projects that have a direct impact on the business side. It helps you understand how things work and gives you the opportunity of networking within the company by communicating with other departments.

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