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Cash market asset classes

Cash market asset classes Shares, ETFs and Co.

Deutsche Börse Group offers a wide variety of asset classes on its various cash markets.


A security that represents a unit of ownership in a company. Shares can be traded at Deutsche Börse Group on Xetra and at Börse Frankfurt.


Xetra® is the reference market for exchange trading in German shares. No other exchange in the world achieves greater turnover at fairer market prices in these securities. More than 90 per cent of all share trading at all German exchanges is transacted through Xetra. With regard to DAX® listings, Xetra even has over 60 per cent market share throughout Europe. In total, around 1.200 shares, are tradable on Xetra.

Börse Frankfurt

At Börse Frankfurt (Frankfurt Stock Exchange), investors can buy and sell more than 1.6 million securities of German and international issuers, more than at any other trading place in the world. These securities include around 13,500 shares.