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Foreign exchange (FX)

Foreign exchange (FX) market – trading models and services 360T services are designed with customers in mind

360T® is far more than an award-winning multi-bank, multi-asset trading platform for OTC financial instruments. The company offers a full range of streamlined services across the entire trading workflow of FX and short term money market products, adding real value to clients.

TEX® multidealer trading system

Focused on relationship-based trading, the TEX® multi-bank portal offers the most liquidity in OTC financial instruments. The platform allows execution in all major product instruments in FX. More

I-TEX intra-group trading/white label solution

I-TEX intra-group trading system enables an organisation to run a fully-fledged trading solution for a closed user group. If requested also on a re-branded/white label basis. It supports manual and automated pricing of request for streaming, instantly executable streaming prices and several limit order types. More

360TGTX: A New Generation of Anonymous Trading

360TGTX is a fully managed anonymous trading venue with a customised liquidity pool for every client, multiple credit hubs and maximum flexibility. A 24-hour team focuses on minimising market impact whilst maximising appropriate liquidity. More

EMS Execution Management System

360T´s Execution Management System (EMS) gives asset managers and corporate treasurers a platform designed specifically for them and by them. More

Market maker cockpit

As a liquidity provider, you need to be in control of your pricing, your internalisation levels, your management of risk and, most importantly, of your profitability. You want to be able to define your price based on customer relationships and current risk positions at different market conditions and all this on a currency pair level. As core part of the Auto Dealing Suite – 360T’s central Sales Management Tool for price distribution to clients – 360T operates an advanced, dynamic pricing engine solution for you to manage and control your individual needs. More