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Deutsche Börse gains two new Eastern European power market operators for trading platform M7

Release date: 28 May 2019 | Deutsche Börse

Deutsche Börse gains two new Eastern European power market operators for trading platform M7

Deutsche Börse supports further connectivity to European intraday power market XBID / Successful expansion to Central and Eastern European participants

With its technical infrastructure and IT applications, Deutsche Börse supports the progressive establishment of the joint European intraday power market XBID. By connecting two new Eastern European power market operators, XBID takes a further step within its planned expansion to Central and Eastern European countries.

The Polish electricity market provider Towarowa Gielda Energii (TGE) and the Romanian gas and electricity market operator Operatorul Pietei de Energie Electrica si Gaze Naturale (OPCOM) will use M7, a commodity trading platform developed by Deutsche Börse. With this, Deutsche Börse supports the connection of its two new customers to the Europe-wide intraday power market XBID and enables direct access to the XBID trading system. After the technical implementation the admission to trading will follow in Q4 2019.

“We are happy to support TGE and OPCOM in expanding their trading business. Our trading system forms the ideal basis for both providers to become part of the joint European power market,” said Antoine Viguès, Director Energy IT at Deutsche Börse AG.

XBID stands for the „European Cross Border Intraday Initiative“ of the European Commission. The Commission pursues the goal to build a cross-border European energy market and thus to provide a more efficient and sustainable usage of available power resources in Europe. XBID will allow the matching of all cross-border transmission capacities on the same day on one pan-European platform. This helps create a joint power market in the EU. 17 power network operators from 14 countries belong to the initiative, in addition to the five European power exchanges EPEX SPOT, GME, Nord Pool Spot, OMIE und TGE. As a market infrastructure provider Deutsche Börse develops and provides the central platform, which connects the local trading systems of the various energy exchanges and the electricity network operators. The market launch took place last year, first companies from Western and Northern Europe joined in June 2018. By the end of 2019 the first movers from East and Central Europe will now follow.

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