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Blockchain/distributed ledger technology A game changer for the financial markets

Blockchain technology, also called distributed ledger technology, facilitates a number of innovations in the financial services sector. A distributed ledger is a public, decentralised account book originally developed as the technological foundation of the virtual currency bitcoin. In digital payment and business transactions, blockchain can be used to record transactions directly between users.

The financial sector quickly realised the large number of possible applications and blockchain’s potential to increase efficiency. A number of initiatives are currently exploring and specifying blockchain’s broad scope of application. Deutsche Börse has already invested in the development and introduction of state-of-the-art services using blockchain.

The activities include the development of a blockchain solution for cross-border securities transfer in cooperation with the Liquidity Alliance as well as the development of a functioning prototype for the blockchain-based settlement of securities transactions in cooperation with Deutsche Bundesbank, Germany’s central bank. Moreover, DB1 Ventures, Deutsche Börse’s corporate venture capital arm, has acquired a minority stake – with a seat on the Board of Directors – in Digital Asset Holdings LLC, a New York-based company developing blockchain-based software, mainly for financial intermediaries. Deutsche Börse is also a general member of the Linux Foundation’s Hyperledger project.

Deutsche Börse established a new area “DLT, Crypto Assets and New Market Structures” that will focus on the further development of a Group-wide approach.

Clearstream processes first dematerialised issuances in Germany

As the first live component of its digital D7 platform, Deutsche Börse launched the new central register for electronic securities.

Our strategy: Compass 2023

Compass 2023

Compass 2023 lays out the strategic direction of Deutsche Börse for the coming years. The most important growth drivers include the latest capital market trends, such as the development from OTC to on-exchange trading, ESG, the increasing importance of the buy-side, the shift towards passive investing and the digitisation of the financial sector.

Deutsche Börse launches digital post-trade platform D7

End-to-end digital securities processing will foster digitisation of the German and European financial markets. Global market infrastructure provider Deutsche Börse plans to launch a regulatory compliant, fully digital post-trade platform called D7, anchored in the recently introduced German digital securities law framework.

A new milestone for smart finance

DZ Bank, BayernLB and Deutsche Börse have for the first time successfully traded and processed an OTC interest rate derivative in the form of a digital smart derivative contract, using DLT hosted in the cloud.

What does DLT offer the fund industry?

Delano and Paperjam talked to Clearstream’s Pierre Mottion about new technologies and how they contribute to reduce costs and inefficiencies

DLT-basierte Wertpapierabwicklung in Zentralbankgeld erfolgreich getestet

Deutsche Börse, Deutsche Bundesbank and Germany’s Finance Agency have developed and successfully tested a settlement interface for electronic securities, working with a range of other market participants.

In cold print: DLT solutions for collateral mobility

In his blog, Jens Hachmeister, Managing Director – Issuer Services & New Digital Markets, writes about the challenge of 2020 to design DLT solutions that fit seamlessly in the given regulatory environment. 

DLT solutions can deliver substantial benefits

Deutsche Bundesbank and Deutsche Börse have published a study which outlines the advantages of the use of DLT in the area of collateral management.

New DLT-Solution for the securities lending market: The HQLAX Operating Model

We spoke with Jens Hachmeister, Head of New Markets, about the background, the benefits for the securities lending market and next steps to follow.

Distributed ledger technology for collateral: the static traveller

Phillipe Seyll

In his blog, Philippe Seyll writes about the DLT-based platform by Deutsche Börse and HQLAX that specialises in the tokenisation of financial instruments.

First live transactions on Deutsche Börse-HQLAX securities lending platform

Trading infrastructure

The live transactions were executed by Commerzbank, Credit Suisse and UBS on the Eurex Repo F7-trading system. 

DLT – we are reaching the next step!

Commerzbank, Deutsche Börse and MEAG successfully completed the settlement of a legally binding secondary market securities transaction via tokens.

Securities settlement via distributed ledger technology

Commerzbank and Deutsche Börse have successfully used DLT to execute a legally binding settlement of a repo transaction.

On market harmonisation and blockchain

Phillipe Seyll

Philippe Seyll, CEO of Clearstream Banking S.A., spoke with Börsen-Zeitung on developments in securities financing.

“Distributed ledger technology redefines markets”

Jens Hachmeister, Head of DLT, Crypto Assets and New Market Structures, in an interview with Börsen-Zeitung.

Deutsche Börse and HQLAX: progress on blockchain solution

Trading infrastructure

The technical set-up is close to final, as is the legal and regulatory framework. Six banks will join the platform at launch date.

“A Kodak moment – retailer edition”

“We have the opportunity to rewrite how our markets are structured in the future.” Jens Hachmeister, our Head of DLT, Crypto Assets and New Market Structures shares his insights on the opportunities offered by the recent technological evolution.

Deutsche Bundesbank and Deutsche Börse completed performance tests of prototypes

As a joint research project Deutsche Bundesbank and Deutsche Börse have developed specified prototypes for securities settlement based on blockchain technology. First performance tests have been completed successfully.

STOXX licenses fully automated Blockchain Index to Coincapital

Trading infrastructure

STOXX has licensed the STOXX Yewno Developed Markets Blockchain Index to Toronto-based Coincapital. The index uses artificial intelligence to select its constituents.