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Trading models/services

Trading models and servicesKeeping markets safe and liquid

On-exchange trading is characterised by transparent trading models. All our trading venues, whether geared to institutional or private investors, have trading models that define, for example, order types, price determination rules, matching principles, order handling or auction types.

Cash market

Depending on the liquidity of trading, market type (e.g. number of trading parties), the transparency level of available information pre- and post-trade, the criteria of the order prioritisation, price determination rules, or the form of order execution, various market models come into play.

Derivatives market

Deutsche Börse Group’s derivatives markets offer different market models, tailored to the needs of the particular markets.

Foreign exchange (FX)

360T®, Deutsche Börse’s FX powerhouse, offers a full range of streamlined services across the entire trading workflow of FX and short term money market products, adding real value to clients.