Annual report 2021

Description of our annual report’s visual

Annual report 2021


Curved lines and floral shapes in an abstract setting – that is what we see at first glance when looking at the visual of this year’s annual report. But what exactly does it depict and what does it mean? 

The transformation to a sustainable economy has become one of the most important transitions of our time. At Deutsche Börse, we actively help and contribute in shaping this trend. Sustainable financial products and functioning capital markets make an important contribution to mastering the transformation. Deutsche Börse is market leader in ESG offerings, with services along our entire value chain. 

Sustainability is also reflected as an important guiding principle of this year’s annual report – and the visual supports the idea of our ESG key focus going forward: from a stem in the middle, several leaf-like forms of different sizes emerge. The outer points of these leaves represent the performance of various ESG-related data curves, such as indices or ratings. Whether DAX®50 ESG or the reduction of CO2 emission of our company, just to name a few of them: their developments are united in the visual and form its structure. The root system consists of countless data points from which the structure nourishes itself, leading to an ongoing growth of its ESG formations.  

ESG is not only part of our culture and our strategy – it forms the basis for a successful future for all of us, for future generations and the entire capital market. By further putting our focus on ESG we continue to follow our purpose in creating trust in the markets of today and tomorrow.