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Access Admission requirements, training and more

As multi-asset clearing houses, both Eurex Clearing and and European Commodity Clearing offer a number of clearing licences giving you access to some of the world's leading markets. Both also admit clearing members and non-clearing members.

Choose the clearing membership and connectivity that matches your needs

Along with the different types of membership available, Eurex Clearing offers various connection alternatives designed to meet the needs of all types of participants to access its systems. This variety meets client expectations with respect to innovative, reliable and cost-efficient technologies. Numerous training offers assist participants in meeting Eurex Clearing’s admission requirements.

The ECC offers three different types of access: Clearing members (CM), non-clearing members (NCM) and DCP clearing members. ECC AG publishes all information and forms for admission on its website. In addition, it offers training courses which, among other things, provide an overview of the clearing and settlement processes and risk management of the ECC.

Your safe, effective and efficient clearing house

In order to trade on Nodal Exchange, participants must either be a clearing member of Nodal Clear, a qualifying affiliate of a clearing member of Nodal Clear, or have a relationship with an FCM (Futures Commission Merchant) clearing member of Nodal Clear.

Nodal Clear provides training for clearing members who want to understand how to use Nodal Clear’s banking systems for activities such as collateral posting, substitution, withdrawal or for viewing account balances and transactions.