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Our ESG strategy

Our ESG strategy Acting with an eye to the future

Sustainability is more than an obligation for our own business model; for us it also represents an important guiding principle for shaping capital markets. In this sense, we view sustainability from two perspectives: on the one hand, we establish sustainability as a priority for our internal processes. On the other hand, as a provider of market infrastructure, we offer our customers solutions that enable them to make their own businesses more sustainable. This duality is also expressed in our sustainability strategy, which reflects the topic of sustainability both in our Group strategy and across our business areas. It can be summarised in four ambitions:

  1. Lead by example. By integrating four ESG targets (employee satisfaction, ESG net revenue, carbon neutrality and ESG ratings) into our Executive Board remuneration we assume our corporate responsibility in a holistic way. Our integrated report as well as the fact that our report is completely audited with reasonable assurance underlines our ambition to lead by example.
  2. Increase transparency. Our exchanges and reporting standards (Prime Standard and guidelines) create market clarity and provide orientation for private and institutional investors. 
  3. Provide solutions. With our products we enable our customers in the financial and real economy to carry out their green transformation economically and efficiently. 
  4. Measure impact. We systematically review all our sustainability activities for effectiveness. To underline their importance for the Group as a whole, sustainability indicators are part of our steering parameters.