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Inter(n)view: Diana Rudaya

Release date:
22 Mar 2023

Inter(n)view: Diana Rudaya People & ideas at Deutsche Börse

In our “Inter(n)view” series, our interns, trainees, and students share their insights into Deutsche Börse Group. Meet Diana Rudaya, who is a working student in the Reference Data as a Service team at our Prague location. She talked to us about her role as a Scrum Master and how her studies relate to it, her experiences with our hybrid working model, and her favourite part about working at Deutsche Börse Group.

Diana, you are not only a working student, but you also support the team as a Scrum Master. What does this role entail and what are your day-to-day responsibilities?

My role as a Scrum Master is to support and guide the team in the implementation and use of the Agile Scrum methodology. My objective is to facilitate the team’s self-organisation and rapid decision-making. I am not a manager, but rather a servant-leader of the team. My responsibility is to help them become highly effective and to facilitate communication among team members. Every day I moderate the daily stand-up meeting and observe how the team members communicate, ensuring that they adhere to the Scrum values. Additionally, I am currently preparing to lead a new team by creating a workflow and selecting tools for the project. I am honestly looking forward to it.

Next to your work, you are also doing your bachelor’s degree in psychology. How do your studies relate to your role as a Scrum Master?

It may not be obvious to everyone, but there is a connection between IT workflows and psychology. As someone who is interested in both these topics, I see my work as a valuable opportunity to study how connections in teams are made and remade during working hours.

To effectively fulfil my role as a Scrum Master, I need to be empathetic, careful, and non-judgmental, similar to the qualities of a psychologist. The job also requires a lot of self-reflection, in particular when coaching people. You can’t help others until you fully understand the problem and yourself in the context of the problem. Again, like a psychologist.

Right from the start, you have worked in a hybrid setting – sometimes from home, sometimes on site in the office. What were the benefits and challenges you experienced with this working model, and how did you tackle the latter?

I like this hybrid setting. Working from home allows me to save time on commuting, which gives me more time to study. I can also mix my work and study tasks during the day, which helps me to have a fresh perspective on problems. However, sometimes at home, I get distracted or have to deal with connection issues. Working in the office, I am more focused. I appreciate the well-equipped open space, where everyone has two monitors, which makes the workflow much smoother. It is also a great opportunity to meet my colleagues in person and I feel more connected to the team when I am in the office.

What’s your favourite part about working at Deutsche Börse Group?

Although I have only been working here for two months, I feel a lot of support and respect from management and colleagues. I am not afraid to make mistakes, because I know I’m more likely to receive understanding and help than get a negative reaction. I also heard on our introduction day, that some people have been working here for over 10 years, and now I understand why. The work environment is pleasant and I am surrounded by a community of nice people.

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