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Settled in: Deepan Chakravarthy

Release date:
16 Feb 2022

Settled in: Deepan Chakravarthy People & ideas at Deutsche Börse

In our “Settled in” series, our colleagues, who have decided to start their careers at Deutsche Börse Group share their journeys with us. This time, Deepan Chakravarthy from Clearstream Singapore talks about his experiences as a Mutual Fund Customer officer.

What makes work in your department special?

I believe that success does not happen alone – it’s all about teamwork; and that’s why I’ve been incredibly grateful for my teammates who have guided me every step of the way since I joined the team. What makes this team extra special are the personal connection and relationships that we’ve built, and finding out that we are at similar life stages. For example, as a new dad, it’s been heartening to also meet teammates who are newly married or are parents who can not only share work advice but also personal advice and experiences with me.

How did you start your career at Clearstream?

My journey at Clearstream began in 2020, and I’ve since been in the company for close to a year now! I’m incredibly grateful as I wasn’t actively looking to move at the time, and this stemmed from an opportunity from a referral (a friend of mine) that has turned out to be one of the best decisions that I have made!

What do you enjoy especially about working in Singapore?

Diversity is part of the fabric of Singapore; it’s what helps this city-state thrive. Our diverse workplace, with my co-workers from all over the world, allows us to also serve a diverse customer base. And of course, I love the people, melting pot of different cultures and the food (and Tiger Beer of course)!

You now work as a Mutual Fund Customer officer in Singapore. What are your main tasks?

My main tasks include providing support to clients for mutual funds and services within the Client Services Team for our Investment Fund Services products. In addition, I investigate, monitor, record and resolve queries or issues that may be raised by clients. Daily checks and reconciliation with transfer agents on trades placed are also part of my daily tasks. And finally, I undertake the reviewing of my clients’ activities and utilisation of products to recommend changes and to identify development and training requirements.

What is your advice to other young people just starting their career in finance?

Keep up with trends – whilst the financial services industry is a very mature industry, the pace of change has accelerated in recent years, so it’s important to keep up to date on emerging trends.

Never stop learning – if you want to be a success in this field, you have to adapt, grow and learn all the time.

Stay humble and true to yourself – no matter how successful you become, always remember your roots and stay humble and true to who you are.

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