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Settled in: Manuela Todorov

Release date:
03 Aug 2021

Settled in: Manuela Todorov People & ideas at Deutsche Börse

In our “Settled in” series, our colleagues, who have decided to start their careers at Deutsche Börse Group share their journeys with us. Manuela started her career as a working student at 360T in Frankfurt. Now, she is settled in as marketing manager and takes us behind the scenes, telling us about her path and her current tasks.

What brought you to 360T?

In 2016, while I was studying economics at the Goethe University in Frankfurt, a fellow student enthusiastically told me about her work experience at 360T. When I found out that the FinTech had been part of Deutsche Börse Group since 2015 and specialised in foreign exchange trading, my interest was awoken, as I very much wanted to pursue a marketing job in the financial industry.

As Deutsche Börse's global Foreign Exchange (FX) unit, 360T covers the full range of web-based trading technologies for OTC trading instruments and integration solutions. As an award-winning multi-bank portal for foreign exchange, capital markets and interest rate derivatives, 360T was able to offer me extensive insights into the FX markets.

After starting at 360T as a student, you decided to stay.

During my time as a working student at 360T, I already had the privilege of being involved in important projects with international teams. Since I have Bulgarian roots, I have always enjoyed working with different cultures and nationalities. What is special about 360T is that it is still a start-up at heart but at the same time has a strong organisation behind it in the form of Deutsche Börse Group. So, you get the best of both worlds, which manifests itself in agile ways of working, brings a lot of personal responsibility and allows me to break new ground. At 360T, we often work closely together through intense times and have become like a family as a result. In this way, I have been able to continuously develop both professionally and personally. Therefore, I was happy to take the opportunity to join 360T as Marketing Manager in autumn 2019, after completing my master’s degree.

What are your tasks as marketing manager?

With the increased responsibility, I have really outgrown myself in the last two years. Since we manage the whole international marketing as a team of only four people, we are regularly on the go in different areas of responsibility. My most exciting recent projects have included the planning and implementation of various measures for 360T's 20th anniversary, as well as our extensive website refresh, which went live at the beginning of this year. I am also responsible for our annual global Client Satisfaction Surveys and, most recently, contributed to the development of "FX Spotlight", our regular thought leadership publication.

Thus, my responsibilities are diverse and challenging. They range from campaign planning, execution and analysis to product marketing through various media on different channels as well as website management. What makes the tasks so exciting is the close cooperation with our product specialists in the creation of content, the coordination and management of external service providers in the implementation, and the close coordination with the management before publication.

What would you recommend young people regarding their first job?

Maintaining your network and always entering dialogue with like-minded people is the core factor in successful career planning and development. I might never have found out about 360T if I hadn't been talking to my fellow student about my job search. Being active on platforms like LinkedIn also helps, as they can act as a business card for potentially interested employers and you can keep an eye on the market out there.

For me, the decisive factor in choosing a job was not only the development opportunities but also the human component. I already felt comfortable with my colleagues during the interviews. In the last five and a half years, I have repeatedly noticed that personal compatibility with your colleagues is particularly valuable in everyday work. This keeps motivation and morale high even during a pandemic, when you can only communicate via a monitor for quite some time.

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