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Glossar und Abkürzungen

Wichtige Begriffe aus der Welt des Börsenhandels erklärt Ihnen unser Börsenlexikon. Untenstehend finden Sie eine Liste gängiger Abkürzungen aus dem regulatorischen Kontext.


ACERAgency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulations
AIFMDAlternative Investment Fund Managers Directive
ASICAustralian Securities and Investments Commission
AMFAutorité des Marchés Financiers
APAApproved Publication Arrangement
ARMApproved Reporting Mechanism
BafinBundesanstalt für Finanzdienstleistungsaufsicht
BBABritish Banker’s Association
BCBSBasel Committee on Banking Supervision
BIBenchmark Indizes
BICBank Identifier Code
BISBank for International Settlements
CCCentral Custodian
CCPCentral Counterparty Clearing
CDRCentral Data Repository
CDSCredit Default Swap
CERCertified Emissions Reduction
CNMVComisión Nacional del Mercado de Valores
CONSOBCommissione Nazionale per le Società e la Borsa
CPSSCommittee on Payment and Settlement Systems
CRR/CRDCapital Requirements Regulation and Directive
CSDCentral Securities Depository
CSDRCentral Securities Depository Regulation
CSSFCommission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier
Dodd FrankWall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act
DvPDelivery versus Payment
EBAEuropean Banking Authority
ECBEuropean Central Bank
EMIREuropean Market Infrastructure Regulation
ETCExchange-Traded Commodity
ETDExchange Traded Derivatives
ETFExchange-Traded Fund
ETNExchange-Traded NOTE
ETPExchange-Traded Product
ESAsEuropean Supervisory Authorities
ESMAEuropean Securities and Markets Authority
EUEuropean Union
EuriborEuropean interbank offered rate
FCAFinancial Conduct Authority
FEDFederal Reserve
FIAFutures Industry Association
FIN-FSAFinanssivalvonta / Financial Supervisory Authority
FMIFinancial Market Infrastructure
FMIASwitzerland’s new Financial Market Infrastructure Act
FoPFree of Payment
FSAFinancial Services Authority
FSBFinancial Stability Board
FXForeign Exchange
HKMAHong Kong Monetary Authority
GCMGeneral Clearing Member
GTRGlobal Trade Repository
GUIGraphical User Interface
G20Group of 20 major economies in the world
IANAInternet Assigned Numbers Authority
ICANNInternet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers
ICSDInternational Central Securities Depository
IFRSInternational Financial Reporting Standards
IMFInternational Monetary Fund
IOSCOInternational Organization of Securities Commissions
IPOInitial Public Offering
ISDAInternational Swaps and Derivatives Association
LEILegal Entity Identifier
LIBORLondon Interbank Offered Rate
MAD/MARMarket Abuse Directive/Regulation
MASMonetary Authority of Singapore
MiFIDMarkets in Financial Instruments Directive
MMMarket Maker
MTFMultilateral Trading Facility
NCANational Competent Authority
NCBNational Central Bank
OAMOfficially Appointed National Mechanism
OTFOrganized Trading Facility
PMPrimary Market
RARating Agency
REMITRegulation on wholesale Energy Market Integrity and Transparency
RMRegulated Market
RRMRegistered Reporting Mechanism
RRPRecovery & Resolution Plans
RTS/ISTRegulatory Technical Standards/ Implementing Technical Standards
SECSecurities and Exchange Commission
SFTRSecurities Financing Transactions Regulation
SMSecondary Market
SMESmall and Medium-sized Enterprise
STPStraight Through Processing
SWIFTSociety for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication
TRTrade Repository
TREMTransaction Reporting Exchange Mechanism
UCITSUndertakings for Collective Investment in Transferable Securities (Directive)
USPUnique Selling Proposition
VCVenture Capital